Contribufy Dedicated Social Media Network

Tenantia's Contribufy

A new disruptive force in social media, Contribufy is shaking social media up and taking it in a new direction with its approach of creating Dedicated Private Social Networks between organisations and their respective communities. Designed to create meaningful engagement between people, places and the Internet of Things (IOT). Using its intuitive interface to harnesses the habitual practices and conditioning of social media, backed up by a Behaviour Analysis team who help clients to create engaging content and two-way conversations.

Contribuby is quickly becoming known as the new standard in ‘resident engagement’ technologies in the property sector, as it sits alongside legacy systems stimulating engagement with residents by giving them a voice. The dedicated private social network ensures that organisation and resident communications and interactions are secure and not for public consumption and criticism, as often happens with general social media. 

The platform is designed around Contribufy’s ethos of creating safe, simple and nurturing real time 2 way conversations that build trusted relationships. Its foundation as a private social space reflects the company's drive to see Social Media used to support and empower its users.

The Contribufy team includes Behavioural Analytics Experts, Video Production Team with Digital Spotlight providing the development and technical team.